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What do we offer?

  • The design of every advertising design according to your wishes.
  • Design of slogans and integration into the design.
  • We design posters, flyers, advertisements, business cards, logos and more.
  • Development and design of packaging.
  • Compilation of menu cards and decoration.
  • We can display almost any content.
  • Any format and any size is possible.
  • Designs can be saved in all popular file formats.
How do we proceed?

  • You fill out the request form for advertising designs.
  • The form will be automatically sent to us by email.
  • We will make sketches and a non-binding cost estimation.
  • After that we will contact you to discuss the next steps.
Payment / Prices

  1. If you decide on an advertising design, we will send you the project portfolio (sketches, notes, etc.) and your invoice by email.
  2. You pay 50% of the total price before the start of the designing.
  3. The finished design will be sent to you and you pay the remaining 50% of the total amount upon reception.

  • The price for the design depends on the effort and can therefore vary according to the size of the project. As a rule, the design costs range from CHF 100 to 300.
Request form for advertising designs
+41 78 88 88 467
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